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Te tiaki i ngā tāngata

Caretakers of the Land
Ngā kaitiaki o te whenua

Centered on Christ
I roto i a Ihu Karaiti

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For the supply, planting and nurturing of native plants in the park.

What is Sanctuary Park?

Sanctuary Park, located at 91 Joyce Road, Pyes Pa, Tauranga, is a unique mix of native wetlands and organic kiwifruit orchards. The Sanctuary Park Trust Board oversee the land and is passionate about it being used by the community for God’s glory. It is a 8.5 hectare property planted with Native bush with walkways for the community to enjoy and for the native birds to re-populate. Download the Trail Map

flowers-min.jpgCan anyone walk through Sanctuary Park?
Yes. It is here for the community of Tauranga to enjoy and to be a Sanctuary in the middle of a fast growing city. You can park up off the road and walk through the tracks. There is already composting toilets at the park and soon we will have better sign posting and parking as a greater amount of people enjoy the park.

kiwi-min.jpgWhat is the kiwifruit for?
Currently half of the land is planted in organic Kiwifruit and this provides a small income for the Trust to help pay for maintaining the land. There are future plans as Sanctuary Park moves forward to use this flat piece of land to help people in need with our current housing crisis.

fern-min.jpgWhat are the needs?
Sanctuary Park Trust is looking for other Trusts, organisations and people to partner with. We are looking for funders to help provide resource for us to research and design what Sanctuary park can offer in caring for those in need and caring for our environment. We are looking for other organisations and churches who provide social services and have a similar vision to help us care for people. We are looking for people to join either the Social Care Team or the Green Care Team to help think and work towards growing the future of Sanctuary Park. Register your interest.


Download a map and wander the trails in the park.
Listen to the native birds and soak in the beauty of nature.

Created by God.
Enjoyed by Us.

Joyce Road, Pyes Pa

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